As you likely noticed, the past winter was very dry, leaving most of Santa Clara County in a drought. Conserving water today allows us to be in the best condition possible if we move into an extended period of drought. We can all do our part by reducing the amount of water we use.

Given that at least half of the water in a typical Santa Clara County home is used outdoors, making sure your yard is drought-ready is a great way to help the environment and save money on your water bill. If you enjoy having a garden, I invite you to consider including beautiful drought-resistant California native plants in your landscape and using water-wise irrigation systems.

Our Landscape Rebate Program can help you transform your thirsty yard into a beautiful drought-ready landscape and make your irrigation equipment more efficient. So far, nearly 10,000 residents and businesses have already participated in the program.

We offer $100 for every 100 square feet of lawn you convert, for a maximum of $3,000 for homes and $60,000 for businesses and institutions. Visit to get started and apply for your rebate.

As we ask you to get ready for the potential of an extended drought, we are also getting ready. Valley Water is preparing for climate change and the threat of more frequent and severe droughts by investing in technology and infrastructure now. We are in the process of rebuilding the dam that holds back our largest reservoir, Anderson, to that it can safely withstand an earthquake. We are exploring expanding our water reuse efforts through recycled and purified water technology that can provide millions of gallons of water per day of high-quality, drought-resilient water for drinking and non-drinking purposes.

Every drop saved today is water that’s available for the future. So, please consider reducing your water usage by replacing a water-thirsty lawn with a beautiful landscape. Your yard will look gorgeous, and you will know that you are saving water and money and helping us all be ready for this and future droughts.

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